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What is Mediation?
Mediation is a voluntary process where parties in conflict can reach an agreement to address their interests, meet their needs and resolve the dispute.   The parties are in charge of the how to settle their dispute.  In the mediation process, the mediator is a neutral third party, who listens to each party and assists the parties to find common ground and resolution.
What happens in a mediation is confidential.  During the mediation process, you have control of the information the mediator shares with the other side, just by telling the mediator you want information to remain confidential.  The mediator cannot be called as a witness by any party, so you can be assured the protection of confidentiality and neutrality.
Why should I mediate my dispute?
Mediation offers many benefits, particularly when compared to the litigation process.  First, in mediation, the parties control the flow of information and when that information is given to other parties.  In litigation, the adversary controls when to use information to the maximum benefit, against your interests. 
Second, mediation offers the possibility of creating a win-win resolution.  In litigation, there is a winner and a loser. In mediation, the mediator can help the parties arrive at an agreed solution, taking into consideration the interests of each party.
Third, mediation is a one time expense.  In litigation, the parties must pay high costs for doctors and experts to testify, bear the expense of sitting in trial and not working, and the emotional toll of an adversarial trial. 
Finally, mediation offers the certainty of a settlement and the opportunity to agree to a resolution.  In litigation, parties roll the dice, asking an unknown potential jury to make a decision that is extremely time consuming and costly to appeal.
Why should I choose Rhonda Laumann to mediate?
In her career as a lawyer, Rhonda tried many jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations, as a prosecutor, civil defense lawyer and civil plaintiff lawyer.  She knows the costs, both monetary and emotional, that add up as the litigation process goes forward.  Mediation is a way to control those costs and the outcome.  
In personal injury lawsuits, a person or organization believes that another person or organization has caused injury and damages.  These types of lawsuits include automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, malpractice actions (medical, legal, dental, real estate, accountant, engineer), property damage caused by fire, landslide or other causes, and product liability. 

Mediation can be a particularly efficient and cost effect forum to resolve these disputes.  In mediation, each party can present their perception of the injury and damages suffered.  A mediator can provide valuable assistance by asking each parties questions to identify the interests and goals of each party, then helping the parties reach a solution to their conflict.  Mediation of personal injury disputes allows the parties freedom and space to voice the impact of the injury or damage and to move beyond the conflict.
Over many years, Rhonda has participated in many negotiations and mediations, reaching win-win agreements that satisfy both parties interests.  She is a talented and skilled listener who is adept at identifying the parties' interests.
Because Rhonda has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, she is well versed in identifying issues and challenges for both parties, and guiding parties to resolution.  She is aware of the  many risks of trial and the many benefits to both parties of reaching an agreed settlement. 
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