The Laumann Firm, PLLC
Mediation Services


Effective January 1, 2017

A variety of options are available to schedule a mediation

Half Day Rates:                                                                      Full Day Rates:

$750.00 per party for 2 party mediation                                     $1,350.00 per party for 2 party mediation    
$600.00 per party for 3 party mediation                                     $1,100.00 per party for 3 party mediation
$500.00 per party for 4 party mediation                                     $   900.00 per party for 4 party mediation

Telephonic mediation is available for shorter time periods, upon request.
Pre-sessions are available, if requested, for an additional charge.

Mediations can be held where the parties agree, including my office, located at 1001 Fourth Avenue, Seattle (4th and Madison) or at one of the parties' offices.  Thank you for your interest.

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